Vinyl Record Pressing

We can give practical advice at every stage of the process. If it's your first time, we'll guide you through step by step. If you know what you want, you'll find that we have some of the most competitive prices in Australia.

Vinyl records are becoming an increasingly popular format for releasing new music. We’re proud to announce our exclusive partnership with MPO France to bring you the world’s best sounding records, right here in Australia. With lacquer cutting carried out by the legendary SST cutting facility in Germany, MPO has gained a reputation for producing the best sounding and most collectable records in all genre’s since 1958!

Vinyl Record pressing options

We provide a full range of vinyl sizes, speeds and packaging options.

  • 7”, 10”, 12” record formats
  • Test pressings
  • High quality sleeve and jacket printing
  • Inserts and stickers
  • Download cards and content hosting
  • Coloured and 180gsm Vinyl
  • Shrinkwrapping

The pressing process

A cutting head in action
A cutting head in action.

Record pressing involves analogue chemical and mechanical process, as opposed to the digital duplication/replication process of copying one’s and zero’s on to an optical disc.

The pressing of a record begins with cutting a lacquer from your audio files. The lacquer is then sent to the pressing facility. Here a series of electro plating processes results in the production of a stamper from which the test pressing or final run is produced.

We strongly recommend ordering a test pressing. A test pressing allows you to check your record to make sure it’s right before the whole order is pressed.

How long does it take?

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks turnaround time.

What we need from you

Audio Master

We recommend that you have your audio mastered specifically for vinyl. Audio masters can be provided in the following formats:

  • wav or aif files at 16 bit or 24bit, 48 KHz
  • DDP file set

Please include a detailed cue sheet that specifies:

  • track numbers and sides
  • track start and end times
  • gaps between the tracks

Length and playing times

We recommend the following maximum playing times:

12 inches:

Up to 14 minutes at 45 rpm and up to 24 minutes at 33 rpm;
for DJ applications up to 9 minutes at 45 rpm and up to 15 minutes at 33 rpm.

10 inches:

Up to 8 minutes at 45 rpm and up to 14 minutes at 33 rpm;
for DJ applications up to 6 minutes at 45 rpm and up to 9 minutes at 33 rpm.

7 inches:

Up to 4½ minutes at 45 rpm and up to 6 minutes at 33 rpm.

These specifications are general guidelines. Longer playing times require a reduction of the cutting level, and may require an alteration of the characteristics of the audio material.


Artwork needs to be set up to our specs and supplied as print ready pdfs files.

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