Before submitting a job to us, you may require some artwork templates, dimension information or even a paper order form. Everything you need to know - information on file formats, guidelines on setting up your artwork for disc printing, paper parts and more.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order by First doing a quote (click the quote button on the home page) and then proceeding to make it into an order. If you don't want to place the order straight away you can save the quote by emailing it to yourself. In the email you receive there will be a link to turn that quote into an order, easy!

What file format should I use?

We prefer all artwork to be rendered and brought to us in either .tiff or .pdf file formats.

What about standard Photoshop or Illustrator file formats?

We can work with Photoshop .psd and Illustrator .ai files. However, it is important that if you save your artwork in either .psd or .ai file formats that you outline all fonts,
embed all images. Please refer to the artwork specs sheet to get all the specifications for the artwork.

Which colour space should I use when designing artwork?

Your design should be created using CMYK colour mode.

Should I flatten any layers I have created in Photoshop or Illustrator?

No, do not flatten layers in your artwork. Flattening layers means that your artwork cannot be edited later should that be required.

What is bleed and why must I take bleed into account in my artwork design?

Bleed is a small amount of extra space around the edges of artwork that can be cut-off when it is being trimmed. It is clearly shown on Implant's design templates. The bleed area allows for a margin of error to occur in this trimming process. The bleed margin also ensures that printing of the artwork can continue right to the edge of the cut surface.

What do I need to provide Implant if I decide to use one of your services?

We need to have copies of:
* your artwork master - containing all relevant artwork files.
* any content masters - containing any audio, video or data content for duplication, replication or editing.
* your completed Implant Purchase Order.